Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sweet And Smokey

Makeup Of The Day...

So, who doesn't love a good smokey eye?

Today's look is a slight throwback. A look I did a while back.
A dark navy smokey lid and a pale gold crease.
A very subtle, dressing-up or dressed-down kind of look...

The look was inspired by an outfit sent to a friend (,the lovely model,) by an abaya company called "Malika Boutique"
(For anyone who doesn't know, an abaya is a full length dress, worn as an outer garment.)

The final look...

For anyone interested in purchasing this trendy, comfortable and affordable abaya, head on over to Malika Boutique's instagram page....

And be sure to follow @beautyb00k too!

Take care ladies,
And stay beautiful x